Dr. Max Citrin is, without question, the best doctor I have had the pleasure of meeting/being under the care of in my life. He is the prime example of what the standard of medical treatment should be. The way he practices medicine has restored my faith in the health care system, myself, and in humanity as a whole. He is living proof that there are still good Doctors out there that are dedicated to doing their job the right way. He focuses on the needs of each of his patients and gives us as much time as we need with him without complaint. I never get that feeling that I am taking too long or am wasting his time.

I’ve had multiple encounters with many different physicians in my life and I came to expect that the “standard of good medical care” in our society meant being treated as a set of symptoms that came with a textbook set of diagnosis that were never to be deviated from – individuality and unique past history was never taken into account – I could tell I meant nothing more than dollar signs.

Dr. Citrin is a complete 180 from what I have come to expect from a Physician – he is genuine, caring, & treats his patients like whole, complete individuals that have unique characteristics & circumstances that contribute to their ailments – and he takes all of these components into account when diagnosing you, and then creates a treatment plan that is catered to your specific needs.

The biggest aspect for me is that he is honest, compassionate, genuine, straightforward, and always treats me w/ respect each time I see him. I recommend Dr. Citrin to everyone I can, which is something I rarely do – but he deserves to have people know what he offers and how much difference he has made in my life and I’m sure in the lives of many others as well.