Garrett I.

Doc. Check your messages. You should contact me today or tomorrow if not then Monday. I have good news and other things we should and need to speak on. Just check the inbox. Then call.
P.S. he’s a fantastic doctor I’d recommend nobody else. Other doctors are attempting to smudge his name in fb etc so they can steal his clients. dr citrin is fair and cares about his clients which is why I’d help him out with anything I could if he needed. That’s a good doctor.

Francis M.

Top notch medical knowledge. Competent professional and thorough. Also very kind and considerate. The kind of Doctor I would send my family to.

Veronica P.

Teresa is amazing and makes your visit very easy and is so pleasant! Dr citrin is very intelligent and truly cares for his patients. Highly recommended!

Lilly T.

best Dr ever i flew all the way from Ca to see Dr Citrin

Victoria L.

this dr isn’t even a dr he prescribed my boyfriend xanax, suboxone, percocets, and adderol when he is a drug addict.. in active addiction. Did whatever he could to collect everything from his insurance company.. I never met a dr who prescribed an active user more drugs to abuse…

There was a night my bf didn’t come home from his dr appt until 10:30 at night… His appt was at 3… So I called every hospital and jail to see if he was there- Nope. He was actually overdosed in Dr Max’s office! Being “checked on” every few hours… In the waiting room. What a joke. This guy deserves to rot in jail- if he does this for a random person- imagine what he has done for life long patients .

I have made phone calls multiple times to the office and spoke to people who have told me “Aaron will not be seen here anymore he is being discharged from our care” And then I get home to prescriptions of xanax written by “Dr Max” … Not for nothing, they violated HIPPA when confirming my boyfriend was a Patient there. Dumb. Can’t believe any still have medical licenses. Not for long tho. I’ll be sure of that!

Hannah M.

I felt welcomed and very comfortable. The doctor seemed very knowledgeable. I’m glad the constant search for a good doctor is over.


I went to Dr. Citrin for a regular health checkup after having read about the importance of primary prevention. I was feeling “healthy” but found out that I was pre-diabetic. Dr. Citrin developed a nutrition and exercise plan for me, and now my blood sugar is in the healthy non-prediabetic range.

I am very pleased with Dr. Citrins’s care, as without him I’d probably have developed full-blown diabetes and suffered its health consequences. Going to Dr. Citrin for my health checkup – my previous doctor did not tell me I was prediabetic even though he saw my elevated blood sugar level – was the best investment I’ve done in my life!


My experience at Citin Medical was superior and well above medical treatment standards. Dr. Citrin successfully helped me deal with a chronic shoulder pain and I am no longer disabled as I used to be.

The Citin Medical nurses and staff took care of me with unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was exceptional.


I am very pleased with Dr. Citrin and my experience with the Citrin Medical staff. Having central hypothyroidism (meaning that my pituiraty is not secreting TSH that is needed for the thyroid to produce thyroid hormones) it has been hard for me to find a doctor that can give me the proper treatment. Clinical guidlines – which regard patients as a statistivcal dots and which traditional doctors blindly follow – recommend thyroxine (T4) to treat hypothyroidism. For me, T4 was only causing a further suppression of TSH and not treating my hypothyroidism, as my body is not effectively converting T4 to T3.

Dr. Citrin appropriately evaluated my situation and prescribed me liothyronine (T3). Now my thyroid levels are within the low end of the normal range, and I feel so much better, and my pituitary is less suppressed.

I highly recommend Dr. Citrin and am very grateful for his approach to treat evey patient as an individual person, as opposed to a statistical dot.